Hi, I'm Em.


For me, travel has been the best form of education. When I first went abroad, my eyes opened to issues of power, poverty, belief, and conflict in the world. As I met people across the globe, I came to see that overwhelmingly, people are good.  My worldview shifted from these cultural exchanges, and I became more compassionate and curious.

I love to talk to people about traveling — about what they learned on their journeys. I also hear regularly from people who have always wanted to travel but never have. They explain that money, language barriers, fears about safety, or general lack of clarity about a destination keep them from jumping on a plane.


The idea for Worldly came about when I helped a friend plan her first trip abroad. We mapped out an itinerary that addressed her needs for financial accessibility, ease of travel, and unique curiosities about the place she was visiting. I realized that sometimes people just need a little inspiration and a handful of resources to overcome the barriers they perceive.


I believe that we all deserve to see the world and that there are endless possibilities to get us there. If you value cultural exchange and you want to overcome your hesitations, follow your curiosity, become empowered, and explore the world. Join us at the Worldly Travel Festival!

See you there!



Worldly Travel Festival

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Phone: 845-519-4305

Portland, Oregon