Travel  Festival

Nov. 16, 2019


Lucky Lab NW PDX

get inspired

journey abroad

Worldly Travel Festival is a free public event with the mission to help people overcome barriers to journeys abroad.


Is there a place in the world you have always wanted to see? Are you curious to meet people from across the globe? What's holding you back?  Traveling isn't as costly, risky and difficult as you might think. Learn about all the tools you need to turn your travel dreams into a reality. Come with curiosity, leave with an itinerary, and the confidence to take that trip you have always wanted. [read more]

Join us for the second annual Worldly Travel Festival for free!  Register by clicking on the red button below.  



Minors allowed until 10 pm

Dogs Allowed

Paid Street Parking 20th & Pettygrove

Bike Parking Available 

Accessible by Streetcar



Worldly Travel Festival


Phone: 845-519-4305

Portland, Oregon

Working & Volunteering Abroad